What Is Anxiety Exactly?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders and very treatable. Almost 40 million people in the U.S.A. have a diagnosable anxiety disorder, yet only one third will get treatment. Anxiety and Panic Disorder are the most common of the anxiety disorders and for some can be debilitating.

Anxiety is something we all experience at times. It is a natural reaction to everyday stressors such as job performance, test taking, first date, etc. It becomes problematic when it begins to interfere with our job, school, and social interactions.

Symptoms may include

Anxiety is a treatable disorder that does not have to hinder your life forever. Through therapy, you can process your thoughts and learn healthy coping strategies. Our clinic is person-centered: we tailor your therapy to you and move at your pace. Our treatment can help you decrease anxiety and increase your ability to cope.

Panic Disorder

The first time someone experiences a panic attack can feel as if he or she is dying; it can be a scary experience not knowing what is happening, thus the panic. For some, these panic attacks begin to recur, causing anxiety about if and when an attack will happen again, becoming a constant problem.

Symptoms may include

People that have panic attacks (panic disorder) will sometimes begin disconnecting from others, feeling as if others will see them as hypochondriacs or embarrassed that they will have a panic attack around other people. Panic disorder can lead to depression, job issues, relationship difficulties, etc. We can work through these issues in therapy and decrease or eliminate panic attacks, helping you learn healthy coping strategies and healthier ways of processing thoughts and emotions.