About Depression & Treatment

Depression is a mental health disorder that can impair one’s mood or thoughts and interfere with work, everyday activities, and relationships. We all feel sad or down now and then, but if it feels like it is every day for at least two weeks, it could be clinical depression. 

 The following are common symptoms of depression:

Symptoms may include

Causes of depression

What causes depression? One size does not fit all. However, here are some common causes:

Psychotherapy Treatment

Psychotherapy is a treatment proven to treat depression, helping the patient change unhealthy habits, learn new ways of thinking, acquire healthy behaviors, and work through difficult situations or difficult relationships that may be contributing to depression. Working towards understanding your depression and how to cope can take time, so it is important to give yourself a break, ask for support, and begin getting help. I am here to help you begin the healing process by providing a supportive, person-centered therapy that will focus on your path to recovery.